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About Us

LINER LAW was founded by partners who have worked together for almost a decade in leadership positions of  top tier corporate legal practice in Istanbul.

We are a boutique law firm with a mission to provide high quality, effective and pragmatic legal counsel based on broad local expertise and an authentic international perspective.

Our Core Values

Client Focus

We have a dynamic and responsive team dedicated to understanding the goals, challenges, and priorities of our clients, and meeting their needs.


We are committed to ethical practices and social responsibility in all our dealings.


We are well-versed in international and local best practices and innovations. Our team’s distinguished academic backgrounds underpin the intellectual rigor of our legal advice.

Business-Minded Approach

We see our role as being trusted advisors to our clients and offering innovative and efficient legal solutions to help meet their commercial objectives.

Hands-on Support

Our senior team actively oversees all matters we handle and we aim to make our legal advice transparent and accessible to our clients.